July 23, 2013

A long time coming

I'm sorry that I have not posted anything in over a year.  A lot has happened since then.

I finally finished my Summer Queen by Mirabilia.  I finished her on May 5, 2012. Here she is:

Then this past June I took her in to the framers and Carol did an amazing job!  Here she is framed:
I also started and completed Autumn Queen also by Mirabilia.  Here she is (the picture is not very good):
On July 4th, I started a new project.  I am doing my first conversion of a cross stitch chart.  I am working on Winter Queen conversion.  I don't have any pictures of it yet because I am not sure how the colors are going to play out.

The last news I have, the biggest news!  I started an online cross stitch store called The Stitch Menagerie.  I have a Facebook page but not an actual website.  I am still working on that.  I never realized how expensive web hosting and eCommerce sites are.  Wow to everyone that has one.

I'm hoping that I can keep this blog current.  I will try my hardest to not get blog-lazy.

Until next time....

<3 Amanda

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  1. Beautiful stitching! I've done winter and autumn...summer and spring are on the 'to do' list but not likely to get to the top any time soon. I'll look forward to seeing your lovelies framed!