May 19, 2016

Starting Over!

Well, I'm back!  I hope to be better at this this time around.

A lot of stitchy goodness has happened since the last post!  I finally (after 4 long years) finished the Mirabilia Seasonal Queen series!  I was so excited to put the last bead in and sign off on the last one.  The experience was bittersweet but I was excited to have all four of them finished and ready to move on to something new.

After finishing Spring Queen, I started on my next set of Ladies.  A friend pointed out to me that I like to stitch patterns that come in sets!

My next project was the 4 Elemental Goddesses by Joan Elliott, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  With these 4 I wanted to try something different, rotation.  I tried rotation years ago and was overwhelmed by it, but I wanted to give it another try.  I decided that I wanted to stitch each Goddess during her zodiac month.  On each of the Goddesses are the zodiac symbols that that element "rules" over.  The first one I started with was Earth Goddess because it was in December, the sign of Capricorn.

Here is my first day progress.  I got a lot done because I also happened to be on Christmas/New Year's vacation from work so I had about 11 days of uninterrupted stitching.  I worked on Earth Goddess for one zodiac "month!"

The next "month" was Aquarius, so I worked on Air Goddess.  During this time, my husband and I decided it was time to sell our house.  We received an offer at the end of January.  Because of the packing and looking for a new house, I did not really have time to stitch so my months started to get all jumbled.

We found a new home and moved in during the month of March.  I had not stitched once since January!!

I wanted to get back on track with my rotation schedule so I completely skipped the month I was supposed to spend with Water Goddess and went straight to Fire Goddess.  I worked on her for the "month" of Aries.

When the "month" of Taurus started, I rotated back to Earth Goddess.

Finally, when the "month" turned to Cancer, I started on Water Goddess.  At last, I was working on all 4 Goddesses.  I rotated again to Fire for Leo.

The rotation came back around to Earth.  I finished Earth Goddess on September 22, 2015.  Here she is!

When I finished Earth, it was during the month of Libra so I started on Air, rotation then to Water after a month.  When I started back to Water, I decided that the rotation was not working for me because I felt like I was just getting into the groove and it was time to put everything away and start again.  I decided then that I would just go back to my old stitching habit of staying with one project start to finish.

I continued working on Water Goddess until I finished her on February 19, 2016.  Here she is!

After finished Water Goddess, I decided to go back to Fire Goddess until I finished her.  Here is the latest WIP picture for Fire Goddess.  I will stay with her until she is finished, and then I will finish Air Goddess.

This brings me to today and we are all caught up!

Thank you for reading my long overdue update.  Hopefully, I can make this a habit again.  I will add a few tabs to with progress pics for my Goddesses.